The Bam Box – August 2017 – Unboxing! EP21

The Bam Box, one of my favorites, a guaranteed celebrity autograph in every box. If you haven't tried this box yet, you should! There are some cool items in this box from Ghost busters, Sharknado, Witcher, and the BAM pins are always great and high quality. Make sure to watch to the end of the video for THE VALUE CHECK where I go over the current market value of the box calculated from recent sales of the items in it. I'm not a box flipper but if you get an item or two you don't care much for, there's nothing wrong in selling them on eBay to someone who will appreciate them (and get a rebate on your box at the same time).  Make sure you watch to the end to see the "VALUE CHECK" where I go over the value of the box based on actual item sales.  Did you get your monies worth? Find out!

Get your Bam Box here



Shark from "Sharknado" signed by Tara Reid

Vigo The Carpathian Patch (From Ghostbusters)

McLovin's Hawaii Driver's License

Witcher Wolf Medallion

Joker Print by Chris Ecto

"Rodriguez" Bam Pin (Bender From Futurama)

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