Although Loot Crate has been around since August 2012, the Loot Pin didn't make its first appearance until January 2014.  Since then the loot pin has become that special little bonus item we look forward to in every box.  The pins from 2014 and 2015 were made in the older "button" style and included an image representing the theme for the given month, the theme title and the month and year.  In 2016 Loot Crate took things to a new level and began producing high quality (and highly collectible) enameled pins which come with a code for free digital products such as comic books, games and more.  There have been at least a couple of rarer variant pins in the set, but it's unknown to me at this time how many there are.  I've only identified two. If I'm missing anything in this post or in the video, comment and let me know!  The completionist in me won't be happy until I have them all! :o)

          If you have a few loot pins and would like to collect them all,  they are still relatively easy to find online at sites like eBay.  Make sure to comment below and tell me what your favorite pins are, which ones you have and what you may like to see in the future.   One last thing, keep in mind these are the pins from the original Loot Crate box, and do not include Loot Gaming, Loot Anime or any of the others.  I may look into those at another time.  I'll update this post over time to add new pins as they come out.   Enjoy!










Special Pins



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