The Stan Lee Box – “The Marvelous Age” Box 5 – UNBOXING – EP23

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   Did I get the autograph? You'll have to watch the video and see! ;o) There were a couple items in this months Stan Lee box that I really like and there's one item that I don't like at all. You'll probably agree. This item in question is the first ever (in my videos) to score a $0 value. Meaning that there have been no sales of this item to date on eBay. These numbers will change over time so don't bust my chops six months later if you find that a few of them have sold! I hope you enjoy the video and like and subscribe! It would mean a lot to me!

Daredevil Q-Fig


Stans Fun Fact Card #51

Inhumans Comic #1


Inhumans Comic #2


Inhumans Art Print


Spider-Man Marvel Masterworks


Stan Excelsior T-Shirt


Stans Soap Box


Stan "Wham Blox" Plush

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